we offer a full line of boat service and boat repairs

Full Service


 Platinum Marine is a full service dealership which offers a wide variety of service, from regular maintenance to major repairs or overhauls. Platinum Marine strives to deliver perfection and customer satisfaction each and every time we are entrusted with your asset. 

Antifouling Coatings


 Platinum Marine is known for our Bottom Job services, and the ability to handle large boats. We utilize leading paint products in the process, that we know we can stand behind. Our prep and application process is the preferred method from the product manufacturers guidelines as well as the industry standard. We can identify, evaluate, and recommend the proper method to remedy and prevent osmotic blistering to your boats hull. A great bottom job and epoxy barrier coating will actually add value to your vessel as well as protect it.


Haul Outs/Lifts/Launches


 We have the ONLY 50 ton Marine Travel Lift located on Lake Travis which can accommodate power yachts, houseboats, and sailboats. Due to the lake level fluctuation we have to haul out from the lake with our 988 Catapiller front loader which was customized to hook up to any of our large yard trailers. We also have a 5 ton military truck to back up our big Catapillar tractor if needed. We can accommodate sailboats up to 35,000 pounds, houseboats up to 110 feet long, and powerboats upwards of 70,000 pounds. 



 It's all in the details…and that's what you get with our detail crew. We use the highest rated marine products & cleaners for the longest and best possible protection from the elements. A great detail not only looks good on your boat, but also prolongs the life span of the boat and the value. We offer 3 packages to fit your detailing needs as well as several maintenance programs.



 Don't get caught in the cold!! Protect your asset from not only freeze damage, but also the perils of sitting idle for several months. With ethanol fuels these days it’s very important to treat your fuel system if your boat is sitting for extended periods of time. We offer a full systems winterization package, and usually it’s FREE when you decide to do your annual service at the same time. You protect your asset in the winter and you beat the spring rush. Contact us to inquire about this offer.