It's All In The Details

There's no better accessory for your boat than a nice polished out finish, clean decks, conditioned seats, and shiny metal trim. Stepping on, or into a boat that is meticulously detailed, starts the day, weekend, or season off with such gratification, and you can start to picture all the great experiences the days will bring. Detailing your boat does not only bring a sense of enjoyment, but it also makes CENTS. It's proven that a well maintained and detailed boat will hold it's value over the course of your ownership. 

Our team of Marine Detail Specialists are professionally trained in the many applications the marine industry presents, and are always keeping up with the latest products and processes to deliver our clients with the best results. Our team works specifically with BIO-KLEEN products which we trust and can stand behind. Revolutionary cleaners that easily, precisely and safely break down and eliminate dirt without harming you or having a negative impact on the earth. BIO-KLEEN out performs other cleaning products, even those with harsh chemicals. They are specially formulated to dissolve dirt and grime without toxins. Biodegradable, 100% effective and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


Services / Price List

Estimates are generally provided with no visual inspection of the boat. Actual quotes may vary when boat is inspected.